Wrapped Up for Winter


Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving (if you celebrated!) or just a lovely past few weeks in general!

Over the holiday, I went to Texas to see my lovely family to celebrate thanksgiving. Though we were going to head back to Colorado on Friday, we were snowed in! So my cousin, Cara and I decided to make the best of it and head out in our poncho sweaters and take some pictures in the wintery weather!


It was about 20 degrees when we shot these pictures, but it was well worth it! I love a pretty rosy cheek and seeing my breath in the air during the winter months.


This poncho is incredibly soft and cozy, perfect for the frosty air. I love how it pairs with the black fedora- gives a cool and somewhat edgy look to the outfit, without being too over the top (and still keeping me warm!)

poncho: the thrift store! (such a great find!), pants: aeropostale, boots: target, black long sleeve: my cousins, but can find similar ones at H&M, or Target, Black Fedora: Urban Outfitters


Cara’s poncho is from Francesca’s


This outfit will definitely be a favorite for the coming winter months!

What are some of your outfit essentials or favorites for the winter? I’d love to know!!

Love, Lea


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