My {New} Humble Abode

Hello everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start! 
Like i said last week, I am officially in the swing of things here at college! It has been quite the month but I am so looking forward to what this year holds for me!

As for where I reside in the evenings for studying and the like, here is a tour of my little hole in the wall of a dorm.

IMG_1072 (1)

My dorm is a great size and I feel like my roommate and I use our space well!


my desk is my favorite place to study! i usually choose studying here over going to the library most of the time.


to the right of my desk I have this wall of my favorite people from back home!


Because my bed is lofted, I brought this bookshelf from home. I store my many mugs, books, vinyl, and other dishes hidden in that basket on my bookshelf!

I would say overall my “theme” in my dorm is navy, lilac, white, with gold accents. IMG_1110

this vinyl is from goodwill that I picked up just because of the cover! I love it!


to the left of my bookshelf I have my dresser/drawers. On top I keep my food hidden in that basket, a throw pillow to cover up wires, and a little cactus for decoration!



it is always an adventure getting up onto my bed! Ha! My bed spread is from bed bath and beyond years ago.


I printed off 3 free gallery wall prints that I found on Pinterest! Seriously, such a great way to decorate for cheap! I also made the chalkboard. The owl and floral print are from my sweet sister 🙂

Dorm life is so different from anything I have ever experienced and I love it so far! It is so fun getting to live with so many other girls in the same season of life as you.

Once the decision of college is made it is so fun getting to think about your dorm and the decorating you will do! I loved thinking about my dorm and shopping for it. However, if you are like me, and you want to save money instead of buying everything new, here are some of my tips for how to save money on your dorm room!

 spray paint decor you already have to fit with a new theme

make your own throw pillows

Bring decorations/furniture you already had from home: decor, bed spread, furniture, etc

Thrift shop for other cute decorations

Go to stores such as Walmart and ikea for those things you do need new!!

I am now so glad I saved money on dorm room items so now I can enjoy having a little bit extra!

What are your tips for the entering college freshman? I’d love to know!!


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