3 Hairstyles for The Long Bob

Hello everyone!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.50.28 PM

I am so excited for today’s post. I am so happy with how the photos came out!

I just recently chopped off my hair again (like I did in January!) and I adore it! It is so easy and simple to style everyday. (plus I get told all the time that I look so much older 😉 )

Because I have my new haircut, I’ve wanted to find some easy and cute hairstyles, but I’ve hardly found any on Pinterest! So today I am here to resolve this problem.

3 super easy and fast hairstyles for the long bob (or the lob)

What you will need:


 small elastics, bobby pins, 1 in. curling iron

Curl your hair into loose waves for each style


I like to wrap small sections of my hair around the one inch curling iron. Then I run my fingers through it to get messy and beachy waves.

First: Side Braid


Grab 1-2 bobby pins


Part your hair far onto one side of head. Grab all of hair above ear that is closest to part. For me, this is my left ear. Hair should be about 1-2 inches thick. Create a basic braid. Once you are are the end of your braid, hold onto the end and tug at pieces of hair in the braid to thicken and create texture.


Pin to the back of your head.


I love this style because it really opens up my face and can be dressed up or down.

Second: The Twist


Grab 2-3 bobby pins for this style


Take small sized pieces of hair on both sides of face, leaving some hair to cover ears. In the back, twist the hair together and pin hair, trying your best to conceal the bobby pins.


I love this style because it gets your hair out of your face, it still looks put together and elegant, but you hardly spent any time on it!


Third: The woMAN Bun 

IMG_0973Yes, this style is one that many men wear, but we girls can totally pull it off too!

Grab one small elastic, 2-3 bobby pins


Pull back section of hair to your crown. Then pull through a small elastic.


Start twisting pony tail until it wraps around itself into a little bun. The bun should sit on the crown of you head, so not too high, or not too low. Grab a couple of bobby pins and pin it. Mess around with it a little until you get your desired bun.


This is the perfect style to get your hair out of your face! It works great for second day hair. IMG_0972

I will definitely be wearing each of these styles on repeat for the rest of summer into the fall season!

Thank you to my wonderful sister, Lynnae for taking the photos for this post!



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