My Favorite Smoothie


Happy Friday!

Today I am sharing my all time favorite smoothie recipe.


This August has been HOT here in Colorado. Though we occasionally get a few afternoon showers, the mornings are still incredibly hot and humid because of the rain.

Growing up I always loved smoothies. Except our take on smoothies was apple juice, banana, and strawberries. Not the healthiest 😉 IMG_0847

Now that I have a good concept of what is healthy and what is not, this smoothie is actually good for you, but doesn’t taste like it! 😉 I’ve made this specific recipe for so many years and it has always been my favorite. It tastes like a banana milkshake and is so refreshing after a work out, breakfast, or a mid-day snack.



What You Will Need:

1 frozen banana

1 cup almond milk

A dash of vanilla

a sprinkle of cinnamon on top (it is delicious! trust me!)

Add a bunch of kale or spinach to make it a green smoothie. Plus you can’t even taste it!

Blend it all together in a blender and serve

Makes: 1 smoothie


What are your favorite smoothie recipes this summer? Id love to know!

P.S. Quick update: I am moving off to college in about 2 weeks, so I may not have the time to post for a couple of weeks toward the end of this month! 🙂



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