Through The Pines


This last weekend, my sister, mom, and I all went up to our grandparents cabin in the mountains of New Mexico. We spent quality time with our grandparents before all of the exciting events in the next month! Outside, the streets glistened with rain and the air smelled of clean, fresh pine.

So, my sister and I grabbed our favorite flannels and chacos and headed to the overgrown fields of flowers and woods.

IMG_0638 (1)



And my beautiful sister, AKA the photographer 🙂

IMG_0681 (1)



IMG_0722 (1)


Nothing screams Colorado more than a red flannel and chacos 🙂

We spent the couple of days there working on a 1,000 piece puzzle, reading, playing cards, and eating delicious food. I grew up at this cabin so I have many sweet memories with the whole extended family. I am incredibly grateful for the memories and also getting the chance to go into the mountains for a few days.

The last morning, my sister and I drove to a nearby lake, intending to watch the sunrise, but the lake was covered with fog. We did not complain though! It was equally as beautiful as a sunrise would have been. IMG_0768IMG_0762

The lake was tranquil. These are the moments I idealize over. I felt like I was in a dream

I am so very thankful for the this past weekend.



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