Summer Ambitions


Hello everyone! I quite like this new schedule of mine- publishing a post every Monday and Friday! I enjoy being consistent, and I hope to continue this in the fall! (unlikely a few weeks in August, because I’m moving to college!)

It is crazy that college is just around the corner, BUT it is still summer and I have come up with some goals, (or ambitions) to help me feel internally and outwardly confident and healthy!

It is SO tempting for me to just lounge around all summer, watching Netflix and eating unhealthy processed food! But I have this list taped to my wall to remind me that doing nothing all day is not an option!

So i wrote out some mostly realistic goals for me daily and weekly.

IMG_0584 (1)



-drink water:

adding lemon and lime to my ice water has really helped me to drink more of it! it really tastes so refreshing and I know I’m doing something good for my body.

-apply SPF:

I try to apply SPF 15 on my face and 30 on my body everyday

check this list for all of the best and safest sunscreen out there


I am NOT flexible, and I hope to become more flexible the rest of this summer, to prevent any injuries


I LOVE singing, it is a huge passion for me! I try to sing everyday, to keep up skills and just because I love it!

-count gifts:

I try to remember every little blessing in my life daily and I (try to) write them down, to remember each and every thing I am thankful for (because there are SO many!)


to Jesus 🙂  I love quiet times in the morning or in the evening. I am happiest when I am intentional in my relationship with Jesus!



3 times a week, I try to run, do some muscle work, hike and yoga. I am not athletic, so 3 times a week is a difficult goal, but I’m definitely trying!


-have one pamper night:

I try to take a bath, put on a mask, and relax/unwind once a week (sometimes it doesn’t happen!)

this is my favorite mask that I’ve used throughout the year! Hollywood California GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.

Although, you can never go wrong with a homemade mask! 🙂


 -create one craft:

Keeping my mind and hands actively creating something brings me so much joy!

my craft for this week, were these painted rose cards. I rediscovered my love for painting with acrylic.

-bake/cook at least once:

again, creating something with my hands and then feeding others makes me so happy! I can not wait to host dinner parties and such when I am older 🙂

-less time spent on social media:

I spend way too much time scrolling through instagram, I hope to put away the phone/computer for a couple of hours a day



I LOVE journaling. But I sometimes don’t get around to it as much as I would like to. It really helps me to release all of my thoughts and cares for that specific day

have you heard of the Q+A 5 year journal? (shown above) Basically, it asks you a question for that specific day, and over the course of time you can see what you answered the year before. It was a gift from a friend, and I love it! Such a simple little thing, but sometimes it can really get you thinking. I’d recommend it to anyone.

and last but not least,

-be adventurous!!

I am NOT an adventurous person. I love routine and I know what I like so i stick to it. I can barely order something different than my usual from chickfila 😉 I can be adventurous if the people around me are, but its just not my natural bent.

but since I am having my year of bravery, I am trying to do something crazy adventurous once a week. I recently went cliff jumping, and that was incredible! in a couple of weeks I am going camping, and I hope to climb a 14er here soon!

How do you aim to feel more beautiful internally and outwardly? Any specific goals this summer? I’d love to know!



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