Floral and Denim




Last weekend my sweet frend, Katie and I went and found some cute places in town to shoot some fun pictures. I loved getting the chance to shoot some pictures for her too, as I need the experience. She kindly reciprocated the sweet notion!


I loved getting the opportunity to catch up with her, because she goes to school miles away in Virginia. Time with her is never time wasted!

My outfit is one that just screams spring and summer. That day was a bit chillier, so a light wash denim shirt was sufficient.

I love the way the light blue wash of my shirt pairs with the purple and pink floral pattern of my pants.


Once again, my favorite thrifted bag shows up! Heres a closer look at it. Not sure what the “F.D.W.” stands for, but I like how it has a mystery, gives it personality!


A closer look at my floral pants. I love these, but I feel like I can only get away with them in the spring and summer.

My favorite sandals show up again, well, because they are my favorite 🙂 I wear them constantly!



Colorado is looking extremely green right now. . . I’m not complaining 🙂

Sandals: Target

Pants: Taret

Denim Shirt: Old Navy

Bag: Thrifted

I’ve been loving summer and I can not wait for more times like these!




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