A Calligraphy Trick (+ A Bit of Nostalgia)


Since Elementary I’ve never had very pretty handwriting, it has always been mediocre. I remember very distinctly sitting in my third grade classroom, learning the basics of cursive, as I re-wrote and re-wrote the alphabet on the special lined paper. After each attempt, I compared with the girls around me and always felt a little bit under par, mostly because of their pretty swirls and perfectly curved lines of each letter. I spent my elementary years writing a little circle above my “i”‘s to changing up my “a”‘s, depending on how my best friends wrote. So as the years have gone by I would say my cursive looks much better (thanks to MANY years of notetaking/doodling, Thank you junior year history!)

Last summer, I learned this trick from the one and only Emily, from cupcakes and cashmere! Which completely changed my letter addressing, inspirational quote writing, and card giving!


To start: You will need some notecards to practice and either a very black ball-point pen or my favorite, an ultra-fine point black sharpie, and even some watercolor to decorate your pretty writing with some spring-time florals.


Begin by writing your quote or word in basic cursive (which will take some practice perfecting!)


Then go back and very carefully trace the lines of each letter, only when your pen goes down and stop tracing once your pen begins to write up. This creates a bit of thickness and the illusion of a calligraphy pen.

and thats it! So easy and so pretty once finished!

Now just add some watercolor to finish off your pretty writing.




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